21 Sept 2013

How we finished up the term

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I really need to get better at taking photos of the exciting happenings of my classroom! Luckily I remembered to quickly snap a few pics on my iPad of some of the activities that saw out the last weeks of Term 3.

In maths, we made 3D shapes using plasticine and straws. We had discussions on the straws being edges and the little balls of plasticine being the corners - a great visual for them. There was awesome problem solving and teamwork involved in constructing the shapes, with the kids realising they needed to cut the straws and join straws together to adjust the length of the sides.

In english, we've been looking at writing questions, statements and exclamations (we left alone commands for now - something we did a lot of in our procedural text unit). I placed a bunch of ordinary and interesting items in 3 paper bags. We pulled out an item from a bag and practiced giving a question, statement or exclamation for it eg pulling out a hole punch from the question bag and asking 'What is it used for?', or pulling out a stuffed animal from the exclamation bag and saying 'Wow, that is so adorable!'. Together we wrote down the sentences using the correct punctuation displayed on the front of the bag.

The kids grasped the concept really quickly. I love using props in lessons and try to use them as much as possible. They can turn a usually dry and boring concept into something much more exciting and engaging! Following this, we revisited a much loved friend Gingy the gingerbread man and an activity from Down Under Teacher's Cooking up Gingerbread Fun pack. We last worked with Gingy in our procedural text unit, and the kids were super excited (yes, there was some squealing!) to do the sentence sort activity from Down Under Teacher's pack. Success!

For the Aussie bloggers out there, congrats on making it to the holidays! Term 3 was a difficult one for me with illness and other things, so I'm looking forward to two weeks of rest and catching up on some blogging.

I've just downloaded this book to my kindle and can't wait to read it. What are your projects these holidays? Any books on your reading list to recommend?

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